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About Blister Mold How much do you know?

Blister mold, refers to the plastic used in the production of plastic mold, a bakelite mold, electrolytic copper mold, aluminum alloy mold, heat die, high-frequency mold, and other types of mold

Blister molds are sorted by shape

Convex mold

Die also known as female mold. The die shape is usually round or rectangular, the combination of the smaller part, the use of the more solid.

Concave mold

Punches (also known as male molds) are part of the inner surface of the part. It consists of the whole or several parts of the mosaic structure.

Blister molds are classified according to the conditions of use

Thick molds

Production of thick plastic products will generally use wood and aluminum film, such a high degree of precision molds and the production of the product profile, the angle is more beautiful, and the durability is very high, it is suitable for processing the appearance of high demand for products.

Sheet mold

Production of sheet metal plastic products, mold a wide range of options, generally available aluminum mold, copper mold, gypsum mold; it is worth mentioning that the lowest cost of gypsum mold, but the durability is low, after a period of time, more easily damaged, product transparency

Other molds

Such as high-frequency mold, bakelite mold, according to product design requirements and product specifications and the production of the mold, for paper and blister heat sealing, double blister (PVC or PETG) welding, etc.

Blister mold picture

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