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Product introduction

With the continuous upgrading of plastic products, our company can produce a variety of plastic products are available, the following for you to introduce the product classification

Products are divided into three categories

Thick pieces of products

Widely used in automotive interior and exterior decoration, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, household appliances, cultural and educational bathroom, sporting goods and other people's daily life in various fields. Can use ABS, HOPE and other plastic sheet production

Sheet products

Blister sheets can be divided into gold-plated, flocking, PET packaging and so on.The thickness of ordinary thin plastic products is 0.14 ~ 2.0mm --- mainly used PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), PET (including APET and PETG), PE, BOPS and recyclable paper care and other materials and effects of the fold Non-thermoformed plastic products, widely used in food, medicine, electronics, toys, computers, daily necessities, cosmetics and machinery hardware and

Folding boxes, drum products

Used in food packaging, product packaging, household products and office supplies and other daily life areas, Commonly used raw materials are PP, PE and so on



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